For non-profits in Denver who must answer to boards of directors and donors for the use of funds, every penny counts. Dollars must be spent, however, to bring in more dollars. That’s what a fundraiser is all about.

To help us describe our unique value proposition to non-profit agencies, we contacted directors at two of Denver’s non-profit agencies to find out why they use La Vie Catering time after time. Here is a brief synopsis of what they said:

The first thing that came to mind for one development director was our “clear and fair pricing”. Everything is delineated so that they know exactly what they’re paying for, which creates a feeling of trust.

We were praised for thinking about “what the non-profit needs…what our goals are”. In our initial conversation with a client about an event, we explore the agency’s motives in holding the event, ask about the atmosphere they wish to create, who the audience will be, and act “like an event planner” in coordinating everything needed for the event. Our execution of the ideas generated by this conversation is “impressive”, and our staff “is accommodating, skillful, and always smiling!”

And then… there’s the food. The food is “never so-so, it’s DELICIOUS”. Whether cocktail party, sit-down dinner or barbecue, the food receives raves, and the non-profit is asked, “Who catered this?!” One of our contacts said that her agency wants their guests to “feel the love” the agency has for its donors and volunteers. Guests feel well taken care of at events we cater, and they credit that feeling to their hosts, as they should. When the hosts engage La Vie, fundraisers become celebrations!